Here are the real details on the Affordable Healthcare Act. You can be the judge of how you feel about both candidates views, and plans with healthcare. And stop calling it Obamacare, that’s just a scare tactic. It’s called the Affordable Healthcare Act, but passed by the House and Senate.

Details on both Presidential Candidates views:

The ACA would likely provide more people with health care coverage than Romney’s plan, experts say. People who don’t have health coverage through their employers will be able to purchase health insurance in an exchange, a marketplace that allows people to compare health plans. And people with low incomes who can’t afford to buy insurance would receive financial aid from the government.

But the ACA will cost an estimated $1.17 trillion over the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office. Some experts believe repealing the law would ultimately increase healthcare costs even more. For example, the law’s Medicare provisions would reduce Medicare spending by $716 billion over the next 10 years, according to the Kaiser Health Foundation.

In any case, experts say that an increase in the number of people with health insurance coverage would bring down the total costs.

Health coverage for young adults


Under the ACA, insurers are required to offer coverage to young adults on their parent’s insurance policies until age 26.


His plan will instead offer insurance coverage across state lines, giving people more options to choose the type of coverage they want — this means parents could choose an insurance provider that allows young adults to stay covered until age 26.

People with pre-existing health conditions


The ACA protects people with illnesses or disabilities. People who apply for health insurance coverage can’t be denied for these reasons.


Although he hasn’t spelled out his plan for people with pre-existing conditions, Romney’s campaign website states that his plan will “ensure flexibility to help the chronically ill, including high-risk pools, reinsurance and risk adjustment.” In other words, his plan will protect those with pre-existing conditions, as long as they have maintained continuous health coverage.

Insurance coverage choices


Individuals and small business owners will have the option to choose a private health plan through an insurance exchange, and will get tax breaks to help pay for health insurance.

“Employers would be able to pay pretax dollars for their premium,” Volk said, and the money spent on insurance wouldn’t count as income.

But people who don’t choose any health plan will be penalized. The penalty could start at $95 a year, or up to 1 percent of income, and continue to increase to 2.5 percent by 2016, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.


The plan includes setting up an insurance exchange, but people who choose not to buy coverage won’t be penalized. Whether the plan would include tax credits remains unclear.

Insurance premiums


The ACA allows insurers to charge premiums based on certain factors, including a person’s age, smoking and family size.

This could lead to more affordable care for groups such as the elderly, who might currently pay higher premiums, but it will likely also bring higher premiums for young adults than most currently pay, Volk said.

“Premiums are going to go up,” Volk said. “It’s just a question of what rate.”


For people without health coverage, Romney proposes regulating premiums or subsidizing insurance costs by pooling high-risk people. But he hasn’t provided details on how he plans to incorporate such changes.

According to Volk, a policy of using high-risk pools covers the sickest uninsured people who are present a risk for insurance companies.

Some experts say this means that health coverage would be at a high cost for people in these pools. Premiums can sometimes be 1.5 to 2.5 times more than the standard rate, said Volk.

Medicaid coverage


In 2014, the ACA will expand Medicaid to 30 million uninsured Americans, and by 2019, an estimated 16 million more people will gain Medicaid coverage, according to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office.

Medicaid coverage will become available to individuals under age 65 with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level (about $15,400 for an individual in 2012, reports the Kaiser Family Foundation).

Children currently covered by the government’s Children’s Health Insurance Program, who live in households with incomes between 100 percent and 133 percent of the federal poverty level, would be transitioned to Medicaid coverage.


Romney would give states control over deciding who to include in Medicaid programs. This means Medicaid coverage would vary based on state eligibility requirements.

Romney would also largely fund Medicaid through block grants from the federal government. This could mean less money for states, which would cause states to cut back on their Medicaid programs, Volk said.

Medicare coverage


To cut back on Medicare spending, the ACA will reduce payments made by Medicare to hospitals and other health care providers.

The plan also provides free coverage to Medicare recipients for preventive health services, such as vaccinations, annual physical exams and breast cancer screenings, and closes the coverage gap in prescription drug coverage, also known as the “doughnut hole,” by 2020.


Under the Romney plan, seniors would get a voucher that will cover the costs of some low-cost health plans.

Over time, the amount of the voucher would increase, but it would grow slower than the costs of health care.

“Romney has said that his voucher would grow according to low-cost health plans,” Gruber said. “So seniors can always get a low-cost plan, but if they want better health coverage, they would have to pay for it out of their own pockets.”

The ACA would likely provide more people with health care coverage than Romney’s plan, experts say. People who don’t have healthcare through their employers will be able to purchase health insurance in an exchange, a marketplace that allows people to compare health plans. And people with low incomes who can’t afford to buy insurance would receive financial aid from the government.

But the ACA will cost an estimated $1.17 trillion over the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office. Some experts believe repealing the law would ultimately increase healthcare costs even more. For example, the law’s Medicare provisions would reduce Medicare spending by $716 billion over the next 10 years, according to the Kaiser Health Foundation.

In any case, experts say that an increase in the number of people with health insurance coverage would bring down the total costs.

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After yesterday’s trip to Pinot’s Palette, I may have stumbled upon something worth blogging about. Now Pinot’s Palette is a social painting class for anyone to attend and create a masterpiece without really knowing how to paint. It’s really a great place to go, or take a date.  Now from this last experience it dawned on me that you can tell a lot about a woman by the way she paints. Painting takes a woman out of her comfort zone and she can’t be prepared for the situation. Every woman is prepared for dinner and movie. I have been to Pinot’s Palette with three different times, on dates of course, and realize the way a woman paint is a good source of knowing if they are caring, impatient/patient,  precise, creative, or flat-out don’t give a damn. These same attributes fall over into their outlook on life, love and relationships…seriously.

First date I went on I knew it would be fun. The person I was with was a fun, open-minded person. I didn’t realize it then but her painting reflected her attitude. She was focused, and really tried to mimic the actual painting. She was being precise as much as an amateur painter could be. We all were amateurs. I watched her paint strokes..slow and steady, she really wanted to get it right. Even though her painting did not come out exactly like they actual painting she came very close, and it turned out good.  She really had a good time and expressed it to me as the best date she ever been on. I have to admit one of the best dates I have been on. Previously knowing this person for some odd years, this is her outlook on life…open-minded, focused and patient. She was ready to put her best foot forward into any situation.

Second date was okay. I’ve had better. The person was open-minded to go try painting, but was very impatient. Complained about the painting was taking to long, wasn’t focused. She couldn’t see the bigger picture. When she didn’t see the painting happening like the chosen piece, she was ready to give up and move around. But I tend to make the best of a worse situation. I continued to paint, and tried to recreate the piece. Knowing what I know now, this friendship wouldn’t ever work. Even though she said she had a good time, I don’t see her trying it again.   The way she treated the painting let me know, and I further saw, she was an impatient person. She didn’t have any creativity, or precision. Can’t be mad because that’s her personality, one that wouldn’t work with me, (laugh).

This past time I went, I was well aware of how a woman paints says a lot about her. This time there was two women there, my date and her friend. My date was focused, but very much out of her comfort zone and it showed. But her friend..’didn’t give a damn’ about her painting. She didn’t even try to follow any directions. Precision? Who’s that!! We both were like “she don’t give a damn.”  To make things worse she says, “Don’t worry this will be a masterpiece,” as she continues to laugh at her mess, and waste paint, lol. I glance over just to see her paint strokes, she just flopping paint on the canvas. This doesn’t even look attractive at all, and I pretty much came to the conclusion she probably would be like this in a relationship. Not giving a damn, and oblivious to her fine treatment of art (sarcasm).

Now my date, was focused on the painting, but didn’t care because the painting was outside of her comfort zone and not under her own conditions of creativity. I realize that about my date, she doesn’t mind trying something new, but rather do things that fit to her personality. Her painting didn’t come out exact, so she was really hard on herself. Making jokes to her piece of art, but what she didn’t know that her paint turned out very creative. At one point the instructor thought she needed help, but by the end she had a change of mind. She really reached and her painting turned out very creative, especially with her background. In being with her,  I realize when she doesn’t reach a goal she really gets hard on herself, but she will continue for the achieved result.

I would advise every guy to take a woman painting, you really will see a side of her that you wouldn’t normally see at a dinner and movie. You really get to know a person when they are either in their comfort zone or out of their comfort zone! You can tell a lot about a woman on the first date, do something different. Take a woman to something you like doing on a first date. One, you paying. Two, you’ll have fun regardless. Three, if she may actually attempts to try. If she ends up liking it she may be more into you. Four, she will respect your creativity. Five, you may have found a common ground with your date.

Base of the Painting from my last painting outing..the first painting is the closest to the featured piece. Can you tell the creative one, and the ‘don’t give a damn’ painting?

Til next time..”See the bigger picture!”

Song of the day:

Dwele – Free As A Bird

Hurry up and buy….and then what?

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Hurry up and buy….and then what?

How many times you fell into the new hype? You go out buy the iPad, tablet, car, cell phone, you get home then you’re like now what? The hype has gone away, because you can’t even charge the damn thing up before they have the latest and greatest out already! With technology advancing every nanosecond is it worth wanting the latest and great invention? Or you should be satisfied with what you have? Sometimes the state-of-art challenges your state-of-mind. This is just my spill on purchasing what the good Technology God has brought us..(Technoloseus)

1.       Is it worth keeping up with ever new Technology?

Yes and no. If you are running a business, if its helps your learning style, or boost your existing knowledge. Then you definitely need to keep up with technology. When it comes to cars, dealerships have to be competitive. They have to keep up with other car dealerships, so having voice command, GPS, and satellite radio is a must. Now, on the flipside for the average person, you have to determine your needs. You don’t like to travel but you have GPS, if it didn’t come with the package, why get it? If it’s not a need your just purchasing a want. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a want every now or then, but to want something because it’s new is flat out ridiculous. A new cell phone every three months, doesn’t benefit you at all. 91% of Americans have a cell phone, only 25% use it to its fullest potential. Just for kicks, do you know your cell phone can unlock your keyless remote to your car?

2.       Do your research

Ever heard everything that shines, isn’t a diamond? Well that doesn’t always apply to women and men. All technology is not great technology, but they advertise it so well! And you just have to have it! For instance, you buy the iPad, but you find out can’t add flash player to it! Well that sucks, but everyone still wants an iPad but they introduce a new iPad every other month. Most people fail to research the products to fit their needs. iPad is a great invention, but it’s not for everyone. Consumers need to learn more about the specific device they want to purchase. Nothing sucks more than having to make a return, (and blaming the store, of course, for what you bought). The internet brings everything you need to research devices, just don’t buy to keep up with the Jones’s.

3.        Living with your choices

When you live with your choices, you promote less negative impacts in your life. Just because you make a purchase, and I didn’t come with the 10 mega pixel. Instead you got the eight mega pixel, what eight mega pixel camera phone doesn’t show a  good picture? Maybe you might have spend a little more for that particular 8 mega pixel device, remember it’s all irrelevant. Like a said before the 24 mega pixel is on its way with today’s technology. Practice sustainability, and maintain your state of mind. The less your worry about having the latest and greatest the more satisfied your are until you really need to update your technology.

Remember it’s all materialistic ‘stuff.’ But there is nothing wrong with wanting to have some of the new great technology that comes out. I just bought me a new Tablet, love it. But I had my laptop for four years, and it didn’t hold a charge for more than 30 minutes, crazy! Just know you don’t have to upgrade your devices with every new product. Saves your money, sanity, and self accountability.

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Stay Winning…

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Since when white people get the notion that they have to put up with us, sooo not the case we have to put up with you all. It’s not all negative, because when you have white friends you have to come to their aid when they get drunk and start fights. They don’t look both ways when they cross the street, so we have to be there to keep them from bodily injury. Tell them what not to say around Black or Hispanic people, because every minority isn’t Obama and take all the abuse. You have to warn your white friends before somebody go upside their head….twice!! (that’s slang for getting beat up).  We have to make you feel good about lame jokes, it’s torture! If anything we stroke your ego, and that’s cool. I really can’t be mad at that. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game, (slang for don’t be mad at me because I have what everyone wants).

Minorities constantly have to prove or dumb down to white people all the time, whether it’s at the job, pick up games or knowledge on politics. Ever notice you can’t be as good as you want when you play sports with white people. If Jamal plays too good he won’t be invited back. You have to dumb down your basketball skills just to make them feel on your level. We have to listen to words we don’t know, and act like we do understand. You all may not know what it means, but we won’t question what was said. Let’s not get on potlucks, we have to act like we like your food. Now white people are masters at cooking stuff with fruit! Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, and Fruit Cake. Delicious!!

White people have to understand you stay winning! You don’t have to be a sports figure to get attention. You dominate everything else, politics, job hierarchy, and wealth. It’s not that minorities are lazy, or guys have cornered the market on what is portrayed as success. Therefore, minorities strive to get what you have. White people just know that you are winning on a daily basis. Just don’t let your success go to your head, and forget you’re human like everyone else. Positions of power don’t mean anything to someone who doesn’t have. Get to know minorities, we are some accepting people. Only problem with that is, once y’all realize that all stereotypes don’t apply to most minorities it’s hard to get rid of y’all! (laugh)

God Bless America, and I hope one day we’ll get over the foolishness of skin color..

My apology to you…

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Hey you,

I been thinking to myself a lot, and there are somethings that I have to say. Please allow me to apologize for all the wrong I have caused you. My actions were foolish, and immature. My lack of respect for you have taken us to a place we never saw coming. We don’t speak anymore, and dodge the site of us seeing each other in public. How did we get here? My disregard for  the place your heart stood with me. I’m an honest guy,  but this time my honesty wasn’t enough for the answers you deserve. Don’t get me wrong I had every intention to see where this love could go, but I got blind sided by lust. I focused more on the physically than the potential.

We had so many good times together. Listening to our favorite albums, watching movies, traveling, and making woo to the sound of the rain (laugh). I miss all those things, and don’t have any regrets. I hope you don’t regret me. With this being said, I have to be honest with you even if it hurts you. I’ve chosen this lady that has made me feel like no other. I can’t explain how I just went from being with you, and dating others. Then at a flip of a switch I’m in a relationship. Life plays these crazy games, and I hate you have to endure the situation. I know you don’t want to continue reading this letter, but I have to get right with myself. This girl makes me happy, and she captured my heart that I would never let anyone get close to. I’m telling you because you should know. You accepted me and all my flaws, but this is one flaw you didn’t see coming. My inability to communicate with you effectively on where we are headed in this..I don’t know if I could even call this a relationship, but courtship.

Again, I apologize if my actions have made you hurt. I know you are a good woman with a loving heart. There is a man who will give you everything you need, and I will be a thing of the past, if I’m not already (laugh). I know you may not be smiling, but that’s the last memory I want of you. I hope we could put this matter behind us and you forgive me. These words a say may go to the trash, but I hope I get this across you and now it comes from heartfelt apologies.


Man Changing for the Best

How To Spot A Coward

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Noun: A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
Adjective: Excessively afraid of danger or pain.
Through recent events that has happen to me (and I’m sure it has happen to you all also), I witness there are a plethora of these people walking among us. In plain sight they laugh in your face with intention to deceit and tattle. These people are called ‘Cowards.’ Even though the title says ‘How to Spot A Coward,’ you can never spot a coward. You can only hope to avoid them. Don’t give them any ammunition to use against you. Remember a coward is always watching you, taking notes…watching film in they mental Rolodex to pull some shit on you!
Now, believe it or not, whether you all want to admit it..we’ve all been cowards before. For example, if you have ever sent  a message to attract the attention of someone else’s girl/guy…you are a coward! If you have used social media to tell someone you will beat the brakes off someone, coward! If you have snitched on your co-worker about what another co-worker doing in the privacy of there own cubicle (not saying someone snitched to my boss to say I was on my phone)…coward!! If you cheat on your girl, get caught and still lie, coward!! Ten times out of ten she already knows you cheated. Either two things will happen she’ll get moist for you being a man and man’n up! Or she gone put her foot up your ass and turn it sideways. But!! At least she can’t call you a coward.
The good news here is that you can redeem yourself from being a coward. First step is knowing your that you are a coward. Last step, (there is no in between)…and this is really important “MIND YOUR FUCKIN BUSINESS!” If you mind your business you won’t have anything to worry about. That can go a long way!
Just take one thing away from this blog..”A coward dies a thousand deaths, but a soldier only dies once!”

“I Just Wanna Be Successful”

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In some way we all want to be successful, but the problem is we have to be careful who’s definition of success you define your life by..”

Majority of the time people think success is the fortunes we have, but success is all around us. I turned thirty-one and worried is this where I want to be in my life. I have to answer, ‘yes/no.’ I’m finally using my degree with two jobs after going eight years in a completely different field. I say no because I always wanted to be a news reporter, or sports commentator. With that being said I have found success all around me. I’m doing things I never got a chance to do. Simple as it sounds, I’m able to go to the mall and by what I want without worrying about letting a bill go, or having to budget for stuff. That’s an accomplishment for me because of the principle of being able. I didn’t have the opportunity to do that as a kid. I’m working on traveling around the world, the only thing harder than that was finding someone to travel with me. I have been a jetsetter these past couple of years. Lord’s know I didn’t travel as a kid. Unless you call going to Louisiana to visit a Dad who you didn’t have a relationship with just to give my mom a break. That’s another blog, but I can find success in a lot of things. What I don’t do is let someone else’s level of success miscues my happiness.

A lot of people watch these shows, and wish that was their everyday life. What you don’t know is what goes on after those lights go off. All these people in their pockets, those they can’t keep out they pockets, family security and no privacy. You don’t know who those people slept with, or basically sold their soul to make it there. Are you willing to do the same to achieve someone else success? Now don’t get me wrong if your goal in life is to be in the limelight, do it!! Fight for what you want. Now if you on the couch wanting the life without working you may have to search happiness in something else. Seek your success in the things you have. If you are able to have a nice house, hell a nice apartment and don’t have Uncle Sam breathing down your neck…You’re successful!!! If you have beautiful healthy kids, you’re successful!! In this day and time if you are in a healthy growing relationship, shit you’re wealthy! Don’t let MTV Cribs, or Music Videos make you look upon your life as less than nothing because you don’t have those materialistic value ‘Stuff’ (even though some of that ‘stuff’ is pretty cool…still have to keep it real). Just find your happiness that is all around you. Success is defined as the ‘attainment of wealth.’ It did not say riches or materialistic value. Don’t define your success by how much money you have or how big your house. You can’t any of that when your lights go out eternally.

Now there are always two sides of a coin. Even though there is success all around, there are always more opportunities to find success, or reach new success. Success is like oxygen, you can only stop yourself from breathing it. If you never traveled (even though you probably been called for traveling in a basketball game), save money no matter the amount. Kill two birds with one stone, you achieved saving the money, and going on a trip. Ladies if you always wanted to be a size 5 or 6 (I like ‘em kinda thick like that) and you seen Jennifer Hudson or Jill Scott drop pounds use them as inspiration. I shouldn’t be telling y’all this but I used 99 D’Angelo as inspiration for years, no homo. I just saw how women responded to the ‘How Does it Feel’ Video. Just be careful of who success you defining your life by. I would never say loss weight by using crack Whitney Houston methods, but positive alternatives. Love yourself and the life you live.

Live to be happy and know success is what you make it!